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Heylus Advertising Supplies is a premium supplier of signage hardware, digital printing material and advertising materials of all categories. With offices and strategic partners in the People’s Republic of China and South Africa, Heylus Ad aims to be to be a one stop hub for the supply of superior  and quality graphics and advertising materials of all categories,  available both in store and online.

Built to Perform

We’re always thinking about the user, and this site was no exception. After a strategic phase to establish user personas and pathways, our information architects mapped out a website that ensured customers had clear pathways to meet their needs, and was easy to use across all devices.

The Approach

As a true digital partner, our team engaged strategically with every aspect of the brand to ensure seamless branding, a sales-driven website, and the right technology for success.

Got a tough nut to crack?

Explore our catalogue of results achieved, challenges solved, and clients satisfied.

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