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After more than a decade as Getweb we have decided to shake things up for the 2020s, with a new agency name – Nerx Digital Agency. Changing our  agency name and all our branding was a big decision as well as the right thing to do. This post will explain the thinking behind the move. 

While we enjoyed trading as Getweb, and had great success with the name, it was always fundamentally a keyword domain. It worked brilliantly in Google with our site on page one for lots of other search terms such as Website Development in Zimbabwe and Website Design Agencies in South Africa.

As a marketing strategy it definitely did the business, bringing in a mountain of leads and new clients in the early days. But as we grew as a Creative Digital Agency in Zimbabwe and South Africa, we wanted to be viewed more than just a website development company as our reputation for great work and well-measured results grew. Click here for our reviews.

Nerx Digital10

If you’ve been with us for a while we hope you like our new look. Although we have a new brand our focus on impactful ideas, results and measurement remains the same as it’s always been.

If you are new to the agency we think our branding will help you to better understand what we are all about and why we are different to the many fluffy Creative Digital Agencies out there.

If you’d like help with your own brand we’d be happy to share our insights having been through the process ourselves. GET IN TOUCH and let’s have a chat.

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